The Reason Behind Vysen Outside Shields

Our OnixLuigi, and Enzo collection stand out from the rest of the sunglasses everywhere, no doubt. They are meticulously designed in the United States and elaborated by hand in Italy. The creation is brought to life using nothing but the best in materials. We take pride in the results, and people all over the world appreciate the final products. These collections are particularly unique because Vysen Eyewear is setting the bar higher than anyone else in the industry. We have managed to integrate a futuristic outside shielding pattern on the borders of the lens. No other sunglass company has dared to re-think the form of how a frame should be elaborated, but Vysen is all about redefining what is normal. We are so proud, and we trust the outside shield patterns  so much that the design is pending its very own patent.

The outside shields serve three core purposes:

  • They increase the protection of your eyes from the potent sun rays.
  • They are undoubtedly a fashion statement, and an extension of your strong and daring personality.
  • They serve as a guard to your lenses, reducing scratches, and potential shattering.

All around the globe our sunglasses are making their statement be heard, and lots of individuals are catching on to our trend. Become a part of our family and be blown away by the Vysen Experience.