Vysen Stepping It Up With Anti-Reflective Coating

In every way shape or form, the Vysen team is moving at lightning speed ahead of all others in the industry. We are integrating anti-reflecting coating to our sunglass frames. The anti-reflective coating is essentially thin layers of thin film structures that serve as contrasting refractive index.  

Aside from looking amazing with our frames, the anti-reflecting coating is intended to aid your eyesight. There are benefits to using our sunglasses with anti-reflective coating. Here are some:

  • Visibility: By allowing more light to pass through the lens, and at the same time eliminating glare, you will be able to enjoy your surroundings to their full potential.
  • Protection: The coat also performs its own protective function. The coating’s components help reduce scratches and dents to the lens.
  • UV protection: the protection of your eyes from the sun rays is very important, and during the day when using your sunglasses this could be very beneficial to you. It will help maintain the health of your eyesight.

Taking a look at all the positive aspects and outcomes of using anti-reflective coating in our frames sure makes us happy. And that is why you will also be happy to experience Vysen Eyewear.